Lightning Round--Rice Out of Running for State, Hagel Likely in at Defense, Sheldon Adelson Can't Wait to Waste More Money on GOP, River on Titan, NPH Filion Reunite, More

>> Thursday, December 13, 2012

Posted by Jay Allbritton

FireDogLake: Word on the street is that Chuck Hagel is going to be nominated to replace Leon Panetta as Secretary of Defense. David Dayen writes, "Hagel’s selection, if true, doesn’t bother me all that much. He has the right enemies--Dick Cheney and the neocons, for one." That's good. That's good. 'Cause that hits me right here.

Maddow Blog: Looks like Susan Rice is out of the running for Secretary of State. This development nauseates me. Steve Benen writes, "Her GOP detractors treated Rice as a partisan pawn to be eliminated, in the hopes of embarrassing the White House. The real embarrassment is the baseless smear campaign that's unfolded over the last month--and the fact that it ultimately worked as planned."

TProg:  Just because filthy, filthy rich man Sheldon Adelson blew $150 million on the 2012 election--getting bupkis in return--does not mean he's done throwing away his money trying to make the country more friendly to rich people. Dude has $25 buh-buh-billion. Josh Israel did the math. He writes, "Adelson could theoretically spend $500,000 on every single Republican House and Senate nominee for the next 186 years." I'm sure he will.

Ars Technica: A river runs through it. By 'river' I mean a river of hydrocarbon. By 'it' I mean Saturn's moon Titan. 

Nerdist: NPH and Nathan Filion are in a thing together! 

Mashable: Google Maps is back baby! Apple Maps, you're out!


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